A kick-off event where food tech companies from Southeast Asia and Japanese food companies gather to take on the challenge of solving global issues through business as one team. The first event was held in Cyberjaya, Malaysia on February 16-17, 2023, where 100 people from about 50 companies gathered to launch a food-related co-creation initiative.

We operate a booth where we can showcase and introduce new ideas and services from various companies, including startups in the food tech area.

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Sustained rice balls

Operates a booth to showcase new ideas and services in the food tech area. Visitors will be able to purchase collaborative products made from sustainable food ingredients at the "Sustena Omusubi" booth.

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Business Trip Catering

On-site catering to nearby areas. We deliver delicious omusubi and sustainable products to events and meetings.

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Monthly events with the latest information and themes in the food tech area.

We offer "fruit meat" made from "jackfruit," which has almost "zero" sugar and fat, is full of fiber, and is low in calories. We are also looking for partners to develop restaurant menus and new products using this new ingredient.

We are looking for partners to jointly commercialize and research and develop new food ingredients and food tech from Asia

We aim to share our sales network and match with food-related partner companies

If you are interested in partnering with us, or if you would like to
first hear more about new food ingredients and food tech from Asia
, please feel free to contact us at